We offer a selection of Cessna and Piper Aircraft.

All of our aircraft are IFR certified and are maintained above the FAA standard. You can expect more than half of our fleet to be equipped with a Garmin 430. Safety is paramount and our mechanics do an excellent job keeping our plans safe in a training environment

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Cessna 150

Looking for a affordable way to obtain your certificate or rating? Look no further! Our 150's get the job done at minimal cost. Learn more about a Cessna 150

Cessna 152

Yet another safe and affordable aircraft from Cessna. The 152 puts a little more power in your hands without compromising safety. Learn more about a Cessna 152

Cessna 172

Leading the four seat trainer class, the 172 offers greater performance and a more stable training platform. Our 172's are equipped with GPS and are ready to get you started toward your next rating or certificate! Learn more about a Cessna 172

Cessna 182

We purchased our 182 with one goal in mind, high performance. Our 235 horsepower airplane is equipped with an Aspen avionics LCD, Garmin 430, and autopilot. Learn more about the Cessna 182

Cessna 310

Our multi-engine airframe of choice is the Cessna 310. Powerful and challenging, the 310 will properly train you to handle a proper multi-engine aircraft. Need a multi-engine add-on or ATP? No problem! Learn more about the Cessna 310


Piper PA-28-180

Looking for a fun airplane to fly? The Cherokee 180 boasts excellent climb and cruise performance for its class. It also makes for a great trainer! It's equipped with a Garmin 430 making it an excellent IFR flyer. Learn more about the Piper Cherokee 180 

Piper PA-28-161

We have recently added a new plane to the fleet.  This is a 1984 Warrior II that has quickly become the favorite of many of our students.  It is equipped with an autopilot, so it's sure to become a favorite of our renters as well!

Piper PA-28R

Meeting the complex aircraft requirement while still maintaining the Cherokee platform's forgiveness makes the Arrow an ideal choice for Commercial Pilot candidates. She's also equipped with a Garmin 430 and autopilot. Learn more about the Piper Arrow


Our fleet would be nothing without our top notch mechanic. Huffman Aviation employs a full time mechanic who works very hard to keep us flying safely. Stanley is fully certified and doubles as our test pilot when they complete a major overhaul. He works hard to make sure the airplanes are ready for you when needed.